Technical Support - Remote Assistance

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In most situations other then connection issues, ANT Tech Support will use a LogMeIn service to remotely connect to your computer and help you out with any internet related issues/settings you may be having.

This is an unmonitored service, to make ANT Tech Support aware of your attempt to attain remote assistance please call on 02 6619 5500


Step 1 - Call ANT Support


Phone us on (02) 6619 5500 to make us aware that you are waiting and to also guide
you through the process!
(8am - 8pm only)

Step 2 - Remote Assistance

To be assisted in a quick manner, ensure that at very least you have provided the account holders name.
If you are not the account holder, we will be unable to assist you without direct permission.

Please enter the account name if requested by the technician
Please enter your Account Number if requested by the technician
----- then click -----

Download the application used to
remotely connect to your PC.

Step 3 - When prompted, SAVE or RUN the file

Step 2

Select Run or Save

(the above is a picture, clicking on it won't do anything)